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extending anteriorly along the palatine bone. This muscle

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required for the satisfactory development of the tubercle

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controverts the statements attributed to Bleriot and

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and then swallowed another portion of bread the same size immediately

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tactics of these conversations require individual adjustment and are a purely

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regarded as dangerous for any one of these may induce a sub acute

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mammal. The defect may also involve the maxilla producing

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thought to be most commonly caused by microbic infec

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which I will only mention the excellent topographical anatomy of

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emanation contained in very fine capillary tubes and

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time of this full development of this assumption of all

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no doubt contracted the disease in this way. About eighteen months

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hog breeder and pork packer of Iowa gives his experience in the business

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C etoit bier que Ton devoit remettre Hesdin au service du roi.

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community existence and reverting back to primitive life. It has a

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sufficient either in extent or constancy to warrant the

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pertrophy. The question naturally arises Why should such a

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pleura are reported. It is very apt to lead to empyema. Pulmonary

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syphilis is not always a simple matter but that it frequently

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or shortens the retinal image in a direction at right angles

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when pure and granular if adulterated or by precipi

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Babylon had advanced far enough in public esteem to be rewarded

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CAPILLARY BRONCHITIS. The capillary tubes are no longer re

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sockets and slip the straps over the right or left nan

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He ought on no account to administer brandy or any strong

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ships which had in former times produced such remarkable teachers at

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kidney scrofulous kidney nephritis of pregnancy and such

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tremity has been caught in a crypt behind the stric

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pleura and the surface of the lung and its true situation is often

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causing dyspnoea or may pass beneath the sternum and compress the veins.

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blood syphilis tuberculosis rheumatism pyaemia and septicaemia

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iiature of its secretion or in some other factor quite aside from

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logical processes septic endometritis may be and fre

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extensive experience of its use by the late Professor Hoegyes at the

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naratively little impression on the course of study for graduation

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the School for Health Officers of the State of Kans as.

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whipped or spurred by his rider. In process of time however he

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genitale aneurysma of Eppinger arteritis nodosa proliferans of

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To the Editor of The Sun Sir Regarding the letter on the

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Note G. It is intended that the Candidate should receive the instruction required

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enjoyed by the men who lay the foundations of society whether civilly

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demic methods require hours and perhaps days to arrive at the same

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In a bit of butter then place your stew pan on the hot

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twice a day preferably before dressing in the morning

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are necessarily left to decompose in erectile structures

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workings of an orderly brain and one is privileged in

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urination or from extension of the inflammation from the urethra to the

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Richardson Robert Earl see under David Starr Jordan.

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In reply to Mr. Keir Hardie wlio asked a question about

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schools will be thoroughly removed. The chemical teaching of Univer

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He has 4 children Hving and well. He lost one child from stomach

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Osteopath Bill. A bill to grant a separate examining

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B. Sherwood Dunn cited statistics showing that the mortality by

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pital 813 500 and e miscellaneous new work at the Army and