be in a position where they may be judiciously obtained.

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gill s won the Copley medal for his essay on antimony 1755 and

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a man even if belonging to the highest circles who has not

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be replaced in the mouth after the operation so as to avoid stretching

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ing of the patient was gasping and short and was per

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lives if the mortality had followed that of a standard mortality

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removing from four to sixteen or twenty ounces of blood

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which there was reason to believe from the history that previous

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i. e. whether necrosis occurred or not have already been

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Due mainly to the leadership of the German and French schools

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has an eye on the end of his index finger. In due time

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named but the reason given i.s a secondary one of dragging the

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a toneless muscle and lacks the shortening reaction indicative of the

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blind children and the third to prevent blindness as far as

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ft t x f.fOqifty n4 t prevailing public sentiment of every com

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lanche action which has a compelling force on the individual who may

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six hours and small colon tube used and large bowel thoroughly washed

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many diseases of the stomach and intestines are thereby

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promotion to the extent of twelve months seniority.

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Trkatment. Hot water bags wrap in cotton batting general

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Before closure a culture was usually made from the mucous

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result fatally especially in children. It is grave

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ever they may be ptomaines urea or other excrementious pro


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parts of it by serial sections. Moreover it is only neces

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organized by M. Schollaert President of the Chamber of Representa

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mixture of mustard gas with suffocating gases that we have not

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tion waa not more than counterbalanced by the advantaffes obtained from X

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the mucous membrane covering the superior and posterior margins

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In otlier cases see case No. 13 James P set. 49 the

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used with caution and must not be ordered in catarrhal

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ularly distributed along the tube. A fibrous or croupous oesophagitis

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under natural conditions the physical is far more important than

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urethral calculi and pulmonary anthracosis. Local diseases

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neural tube it is evident that the rudimentary anlage

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of the lower turbinated body and the wonder is that

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extracted slowly by the alkaline liquid in whicli tliey are macerated.

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two diseases might be present simultaneously in different

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that the resistance it offers is reduced to a minimum.

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the present metropolitan boundaries into the outskirts of London

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peripheral organ and cooling hydrotherapy was commonly

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diluted 200 times with Toison s solution. Out of a total of

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is often obtained as to the kind of bacterium under observation. In

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the term phototherapy should include the visible spec

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always. A change may take place in the character of the epidemic the

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lueinatemcds may hnro various sources sometimes it is due to

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remembered that if the patient be tided over the crisis recovery is

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ihemselvts with a quantity sufficient to meet the demands of the various

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remote or in close proximity to the uterus we must find it or

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That this disease subsides without treatment is ad

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Sir Alfred Garrod has published in his work on gout some

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In less than two months afterwards the patient called to see me without

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men and peoples remains in many minds a burning one. As an

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Bartholin s glands on account of a fistulous tract remain

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cur either in the acute or chronic stage of the disease.

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Library was thoroughly revised and brought to date.

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ana December 5 1832 and would no doubt have attained greater

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Whatever theory we accept as to the mechanism which starts the

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Aveakens and the ventricle during systole fails to em ty itself completely

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ten years ago. The completion of six hundred cases of ovariotomy

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two chemists to start their part of the central army laboratory organization.

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the complement is destroyed but this power can be restored by

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medium for that vigour which at a distance is able to over