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the cost of overhead supervision of physicians and by reason of

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Colonel on the penuanent personnel August 26tl. Captain Ernest R

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wide 10 metres and those for double storeyed houses 50 feet wide

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however applied externally will serve to assist the operation of whatever

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director of the New York Public Library for seventeen years

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In that case the earlier development of the vermis agrees

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thing we should avoid This latter procedure will also show if the

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applied to the quantity of air expired and to the rate of respiration.

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Upon reaching the blood the bacteria are again attacked.

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percussion areas in incipient and early pulmonary tuber

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upon the biological processes in both animals and plants.

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preferred as most reliable and also because upon its removal the uterus can

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spasmodic. It stimulates the nerve centres in the brain

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Determination of Lethal Uose of Mercukic Chlouide on Sto mach Tube

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for Glasgow Royal Infirmary nurses and if possible to

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only Lord Crewe referred to the impulse given by him

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tion in cerebrospinal meningitis and therefore recommends that the injections

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Whether the exciting cause of the meningeal inflammation

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fifteen and forty years this is of some diagnostic value with headache

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Arabs. Their physicians added many vegetable products

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autopsy there were found acute cystitis pyelitis and numerous small

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gratifying. There was no instance where a patient could not be

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origin of dermatoses have proved wonderfully successful. One

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cerebral engorgement indeed to avoid the risk of this it has been

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families are enumerated without change in nomenclature or terminology.

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Her husband and family could not believe that it was

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common tapeworm of the dog in its cyst form is harbored

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To the Editor of The Sun Sir Regarding the letter on the

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my duty in the hospital July 15th. Several private

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exposures they all promptly healed. I do not think we can emphasize too

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in fact all involuntary phenomena are disease. I knew an in

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scious inventions of authors striving for humorous or picturesque

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a list of 72 species in which the number has been determined. Man

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When I first perused this passage I was tempted to publish some remarks

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adici6n los autores han encontrado algunas pruebas que demu

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such as you have depicted has impressed itself upon ophthalmic specialists before

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The back presented a remarkable induration which involved the entire dorsal

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diatrics later Doctor John McConville and Doctors J.

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The specimens had been seen and examined by more than a hundred

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sane difficillimum est Et vero in ea quam Nicetas Heracleae patri

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Rouget. Bacillus of Mouse Septicemia Koch. Pasteur s bacillas

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finds by experiments on cats that the stomach was in

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was found to conform fairly closely in the excretion of chlorides

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en to become trained nurses. There is a steady and increas

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the blood are attended by a great accumulation of fenforial power

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complete demyelination of cortical tissue extending over the whole

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repeated every few minutes. Fre uently there is a thin

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treatment of muscular spasms and neuralgias antiphlogistine

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daily injections varied from 50 to 100 grammes If to 3f ounces.

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their several regiments in the administration of the

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chial glands. The oesophageal arteries varying in num

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ber 1st Physicians Motor Club and the College of Phy

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Other things being equal her chances are just as good as

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culminate in shoelt. Cocain and eucain suspend the functional

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condensers whether prime conductors or with the addition of

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pressures just before injection and again after intervals

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mechanical relations of systems can be drawn without

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noticeable for their practical value. Elsewhere in this

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help myself spiritually let alone any patient of mine.

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