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Issued by the Council of the British Medical Association January 19tli 18i S.

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Tropical Diseases Preliminary Survey of in Massachusetts 497

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The passage of the foreign body through the diaphragm occupies a

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At the date of this writing October 15 1914 Dr. Small in

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an air tight chamber containing the experimental animal for a definite period

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Mindanao District of Davao Davao Copeltnid JN6 March PJ04 in Herb.

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Remarks. It is undoubtedly better to use soft water for cooking generally

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ailments by no means exhaust the catalogue of sickness.

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once prepares any necessary instruments before proceeding to the operation

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with no general lymphoid involvement as in leukemia or pseudo

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him to retain a conscious recollection of all the parts of the

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candidate acquired the corresponding degree of Bachelor.

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ROYCE J. The World and the Individual Second Series.

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