If an abscess be opened and washed out with H2 O2 un
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The diagnosis of tuberculosis in the dog may be founded on clinical
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developed a rapidly growing tumour of the buttock and
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been demonstrated. The work on Anaplasmosis and Borna s
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and called for by such contract only so far as the patient himself
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sumes the recumbent position. Again in chronic appendicitis
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The lungs show no special signs except the moist rales of oedema at
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their inclusion in textbooks of an elementary nature is
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weakness of the vessels of the nature of an augiolibro.
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per cent compensation for mitral insufficiency. The case for which the cause
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the symptoms are certainly to be attributed to the ab
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larger percentage of mortality due to cachexia than when the same
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Samuel K. Merrick M.D Professor of Diseases of the Throat and Nose
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the husband stated that he recognized in the slough a portion of the
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ment is equal to the cold water treatment of typhus and he
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October 4 1886 with a cyst of the thyroid gland. He was a
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count of the acid and alkaline radicals being set free at
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enteric and meuingitLs following otitis a very satisfactory
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and this theory was tliat immunity arises from the inabil
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subsequent assignment to the Department of California.
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The vomitus was dark in color and foul smelling. He
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dium of the Medico Military Keview issued by this office on the 1st
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etc. Inflammation and suppuration of adipose and areolar tissues around
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On the high plains of Armenia on the Syrian coast and on
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Venetes which purported to be a translation of the work of
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gums looseness of the teeth fetid breath furred tongue an
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earliest physicians to settle in Illinois died at his
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should not refuse operation to cases seriously infected
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such a situation. More than that it is minimizing the
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attack. Infected mosquitoes from Rome sent to London
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to the taste of intelligent book readers but to edit it
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Some among whom must be placed J. Bertrand and O. Bonnet
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In long standing cases with contracted apices or great thickening of
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L. DUBOIS Differential Diagn.isis and Treatment of Epidemic of
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From the ganglion stellatum they either pass directly to the heart or
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the irritating fumes which cause smarting of the eyes. Then a linen
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the reader of the importance of the lecture on this subject de
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treated that reimplantation of the duct after elimination of the fistulized portion
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strong are beneficial Abstinence mutt be interposed. The infusion of wormwood
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different states so that its various phases have existed simul
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general girl population but Miss Stansfeld said that the
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the blood itself. In chronic wasting diseases tbe relative proportion
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became infected with tubercle bacilli and developed
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remarks of Dr. Tooth on the examination in i athology
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vide for surface drainage and this compels the horse who is tied
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after its removal and was divided by the method of Petri
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disease Channing W. 62 remarks on taberonlosis Shattuck F.
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the time of Galen. Freind had spoken in the highest terms of
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S. One drachm in a large wineglass of water before meals.
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cardiac dyspnea. It seems thus fair to conclude that in combined
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tinued for more than a month after the painful phenomena of
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Equally powerful is the influence of many substances and
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cholecystectomy and cholecystotomy and while pointing
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due to a retention of mineral salts. Incidentallj some
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fostering of doubt led to the failure to enforce even the
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lien in den betreffendcn Krankengcschichten fand ich aber nichts
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nite period. They have been found alive and capable of developing as late
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tation and honor is the most personal of all personal property
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upon the exhaustion incident to the formation of abscesses and the occur
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basic sulphate corresponding to not less ish brown scales with a bitter mildly
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ment the tissues of a certain individual for reasons
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applied and that in the fourth period it has altosrether disappeared
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good of the sick to the utmost of my power holding myself far
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florescence or peduncles very slender 2 cm long or less each subtended by
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Tiany localities and it is appalling to contemplate
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unite with the vena azygos. 2 By the anastomosis between the oesoph
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Borax and Honey mixed in any quantity is an excellent wash.
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bacilli in 307 out of the 405 hairbrushes examined staphylococci
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translucency were retained. The growth shows a definite
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it is a disease with which every livestock owner should be fimiliar.
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The case was evidently one of those rare spontaneous
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violent seizures which often from their absolutely sudden
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HtiBBENET C. von. Die Sanitats Yerhaltnisse der Eussischen
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and the blood in the cardiac centre. Every possible means
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normal the bladder neck was elevated by this lobe and
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and his neck was disproportionately large from the great turgesc ace and