We cannot protest too strongly against this tolerance which greatly
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without material change. It was submitted to Governor Hendricks
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consisting of headache fever malaise and a sensation of flushing
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ovalish or rounded brownish red glistening smooth slightly elevated
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this infiltration gradually disappeared and the patient was
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spirochetae pallidae. The patient had no pain neither spohtane
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of the gastric juice of small patches of the mucous
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his skin was very hot and dry all the secretions much diminished urine
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rant the surgeon in ignoring the risk of infecting tlie
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and that in existing hv gt ertrophy the onset and progress of dilatation
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In the parts of the diverticulum inside the bones of the skull
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covers from them and in every instance two or three repetitions at
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to prove serviceable to both medical man and nurse.
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larged and cancerous liver gall stones bladder stones soi r
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is probably due to nervous and vascular lesions produced by the
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was some better. I repeated the treatment keeping up a stream of
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gation of the prevalence of syphilis in an institution which re
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ion concentratinn and titration have been carried out by
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include officials of all the larger medical libraries of the
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his excellent monograph on the disease. Glasgow James
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commission and retains the honorary rank of Colonel.
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granulation tissue which are covered with sloughs bleed
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introduced as B. eacaine is the salt of benzoyl vinyl diaceton
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undertake and to preclude his acquisition of a larger
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rate for the whole country is given as 27.9 and the death
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glands which were submitted to him he made the following
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as it is effected by births and deaths of the individuals composing
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made in it. B cai tul management he gradually recovered without any
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A survey of the literature with regard to affections of the
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causation spread by the bite of the Culex fatigans and Stegomyia
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often especially if the patient has been lying on his back the whole
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corrosive sublimate in solution 1 500 or 1 1000 is one of
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cases excelling those of the winter and the small number of
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and then lowering the bottle into a large jug containing vinegar or any
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be expected the pathological changes found at autopsy varied markedly with
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character of different febrile cycles and has furni
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illness more interesting or of greater practical im
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gonorrhoea is sometimes cured by the inhalation and absorp
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The Medical Golfing Society has been carried on in a
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made to culti ate the organisms nor were animal experiments made.
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pleura is slightly thickened and is adherent. The dense fibroid tissue
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the emphysema was great whilst the kidneys were only
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which already exists has been found sufficient by the great writers of
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I might mention here that about two weeks ago it was suggested
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of a long syringe needle two or three times a week. Whatever
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toxicdrugs will exhibit wid variations in its relaxation
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Notes of an European Tour published in the Buffalo Medical Journal
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right lobe of the thyroid gland removed by operation. Before the
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