went through the train inspected the field medical card of each patient and
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bolts are stored. Finally the reporter tells us that
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meets the need of a special.anatomical text book devoted to the
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irritant is not evident. In these instances it seems as
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reports the following A case was recently decided in
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homologies between human structures and those of lower animals
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deposited by species of Diptera capable of developing cutaneous myiasis
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gus until the spindle was arrested at the stricture.
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it extends from the lips and cheeks over nose and ears the whole
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Scanzoni in 1863. Scanzoni while fully recognizing the various forma
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All these tests taken together point to q ne phritis of a diffuse
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lectures were given during the months of January February and March
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from him when he saj s that early diagnosis is of more
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The regular rendition of reports makes it possible to obtain a clearer
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if the quantity is large it is followed by corresponding prostration.
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stream and navigate an apparently interminable wind
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first the vapor is very irritating and disagreeable but the patient gets used
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prostate gland through the rectum. The results of treatment in these
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small amount of liquid which is absorbed. The case terminates as a rule
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required by the female to gorge and detach herself and lastly the time
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but it is of no value since the relapse occurred so soon.
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tumor too insignificant to produce pressure phenomena may nevertheless
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Aspect. Kolischcr and Schmidt jf Chicago state that
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were 21 instances of ocular affection tUstributed as fol
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adopting plans but had no junketing appropriation. Evans vol
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present prompt action is necessary. Digitalis should
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We deal in disorders of sensation and perception in failures of
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importance for them to do what they could to check this
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humble et obeissanl servitenr t t a madaine Falconet pareil
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younger sciences On the other hand in those countries where so
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with adhesions to the abdominal wall and cecum. The abdomen was closed with
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factor de seguridad que asl se establece para los perros es de
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the abdomen but of these some doubtless sustained no
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both Cerman and French sources and lodo preparations
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buried the body as a still birth. Hearing rumours afterwards that there
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condition is unsatisfactory and that it may come and go
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present in them through the air of the room. These soiled
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tember 8th dispensing with the services of married women
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and imposed such heavy burdens of armament. There seemed to
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elbow so as to bring the fragments into position and
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medical relief. It thought that the guardians latest
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at the beginning to be generally one half or one third.
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of the cotyloid cavity the trochanter is not prominent and may appear
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Syphilis and Tuberculosis. The accelerating action of acquired
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l.rKlslnllon for the insane In Massachusetts with par
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two exceptions those attacked did not have chills last fall so that lingering
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horse. Nice large ears and in travelling they should be carried
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morphosis of the puerperal uterus. August Martin in recent years has
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The best staining material for them is a mixture of
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tributions giving the clinical details and points of interest regarding
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the Committee on Publication that they should be published entire
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copeias From what I could see of those islands with
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pessaries to relieve you can secure twenty four hours
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Head. The scalp was of ordinary thickness and moderately
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