on this important question has not been obtained as yet but the
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and nose and there was a continuous sero sanguineous discharge from
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since his discharge from the hospital. There has been no pulsa
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Jn j rogre. sive muscular atrophy we sometimes see bilateral i aralysis
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Sarah Berliner Research Fellowship for Women for the grant
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to influenza is not recorded as such unless it causes death. Local
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been found to have had in the beginning of time this value rather
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deen with visits to St. Machar s Cathedral and King s
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He considered the pathology of this affection as yet un
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representative the Medical secretary should be informed
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and walking about her bedroom because she said she felt better and
narrow nose of a small infant filled or not with adenoids are
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conjunction with members of the Austrian Commission con
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diarrhea its use compensates for loss sustained and should be used to
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According to the degree of obstruction there may be more or
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unquestionably justifies the anticipation formed by
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tion. Early fixation will tend to lessen hemorrhage to control
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sive atrophy of the skin was an important affection
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gained by it for the uterus collapses sufficiently to allow its easy
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exposure to saturated dichlorethlysulphide vapor at about 13 C. Protection
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Tremor is the initial symptom in about two thirds of the cases. At
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The moderately warm coast climates such as we have in the
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of South Dakota. The infirmary has had bad cases of appendi
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the cr ing spell of the infant there was much rigidity
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Coffee should be excluded and alcohol permitted only with
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It was evident that the neoplasm or a second one was
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Conversely when the air temperature drops much below that of the
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trnstwortby guide for the persona for whom it is intended and exery
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Currents of electricity may be obtained chemically
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be well designated as Physiological History. It is in
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Butneria fertilis. The large oily seeds of the calycanthus or sweet
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tion of lining epithelium. On auscultation minute crepitation is heard
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the right upper and part of the middle lobe with friction in
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tymphatio gland and the bronchial glsadi fawUne to aweU and
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Dr. Holpen read some notes on a case of carcinoma of
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the pericardium. Similar haemorrhages have been found by
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ception of destruction. The old heroes destroyed. What did
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any one for it is true that just in direct proportion
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thought depends often on shortness of exertion and the pungency
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Tartrate of potassa when properly prepared is in the form of white
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sented by a relativel large mass of cells. In sections of embryos
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he continues until at length death comes to his relief.
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These epidemics manifested themselves as is usually I without
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tain your goal you may deserve that sort of benedic
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Mr. Elder reported that in Swaziland a native territory up to four
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on May 12th 1899 and he died on Christmas Eve 1920
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whether it is due to the persistent irritation of these arterioles by
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flame held near our eyes. It was surely no detraction
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are using every possible means to unsettle the minds of those
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and was more intense the back head and limbs ached violently pulse was
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I would finish operating under artificial respiration
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Field had had thirty diseased fish put in one preserve
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quite exceptional in cases of mediastinal growths but it may be observed
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Rochfort Brown Herbert 280 Loop st. Pietermarttzburg Natal.
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vided and the two flaps reflected as in the Bassini Halsted op
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right parotid and neighbouring glands this howeyer seemed to
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Symptoms. Characteristic of rheumatism is a suddenly
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ering the wide educational campaign in out improvement should be subjected
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Corvisart s statement made 100 years ago That a sufficient
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have the soft velvety character of the wall of a chronic
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nic acid to horses and 4 teaspoonfuls to cattle keep them moving to
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my service at the Central Dispensary complaining of
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contain mnnerous little bodies known as Graafian follicles in which
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Twenty four of the 164 patients had catarrh. In six
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tain genius for figures exhibited sometimes bv per
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a second time with all the symptoms of the disease.
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ties of Birmingham the prosperous local Branch of the Association
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very common error to overlook the initial superficial lesion and to