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Rays Finsen Light Radium and High Frequency Currents
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traumatism to the wrist by a baseball. The pain and swelling
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determined by an electrical contact thermometer or a thermometer
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A visit to the plague district in India 71 Berkley 11. 1.
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the uterus and liver the percentages of increase are so
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lungs which renders them incapable of collapsing and aerating
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age as the master he so much reverenced and who retained his
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nerve. The external cutaneous and peroneal nerves are examples.
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sufficiency. To mere atony is added fermentation and
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kind that relate to the physical structure of man or somatology.
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March 1918 and then had carcinoma of the cervix which
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tend the vessel by obstructing the return of the blood. This being
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not really set in. At this stage moreover the thighs and gluteal regions
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that name stood in any direct relationship to acute rheumatism.
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first the vapor is very irritating and disagreeable but the patient gets used
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rate in single houses was 22.71. Statistics showed
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antry so that conclusions drawn from hospital statistics
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tering liniment under the belly well forward to establish and maintain a run
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any suspicion of alcohol and syphilis the parents were strictly
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AKK is a native Philadelphian whose presence graced the Newman Club the
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scopic examination showed a normal appearing bladder mu
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the West Coast. Unfortunatelj there is no postal com
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its Secretary Sir Walter Fletcher who placed at the
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unanesthetized fibres of the ilio hypogastric will be encoun
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silent adjuvant to emetics in eases where narcotics have been lal
namic or functional biology in its efforts to pass beyond morph
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Official List of Changes of Stalions and Duties of Com
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tinal aneurysms have more than once been opened for abscesses and
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sensitiveness. The patients rapidly lose flesh become cachectic and the
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strations in the Post Mortem Uooms of a recognized Ilosjntal.
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moist antiseptic dressing. During the operation he handles the
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thorities will grant this petition in the fullness of
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erties similar to any non specific agent. Injection of sugar solution will
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examined with observation of certain precautions mostly in the left hand
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of that part. Hence without skill and sagacity the physician
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simply by the contusion of a spent bullet. Watson Cheync describes
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From the physiologic fact of nitrogen equilibrium we
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Total occlusion does not always lead to a hydronephrosis hut may lie
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moments this is the first example of the relations between me
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with terrific force in some places. The Great Plague of London 166 carried
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