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tial or sine materia anaesthesia. Concerning the probable theory
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couraging. It must also be remembered that so far most of our cases
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extensor of the phalanges. This muscle is separated from the lateral
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described above some must reach the iris by a cerebral trigeminal
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Designer of the SPECIAL TRUSS for FLOATING KIDNEY as recommended
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who make an attempt to diagnosticate malaria by staining the
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tions there is a marked similarity in the accompanying symptoms. The
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serum forty eight hours after a paralysis was already e ident and died
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devoted myself to completely. sculpturing classified as the fine
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be discontinued and a careful re examination made so that the Mcact
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expectoration resembling red currant jelly or prune juice due to the
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La Valette in Lymnseus stagnalis at Halle Paludina vivipara at Berlin.
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unassociated with phthisis. In one case the menses had been absent
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A chemist by orders from one doctor supplied to eighty
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did find all true that had been deUvered by him whose
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blood streaked freces symptoms of chronic tympanites with foetid eructa
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union by first interrtion. a clear black pupil and not
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and 159 of the mixed cases and o cured of intestinal hemor
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have very often noticed that when clergymen for any cause
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either directly or through the Division organization
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His walking is much better than it was and it is still improving.
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I he impartial observer will therefore direct his attention
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bacilli in 307 out of the 405 hairbrushes examined staphylococci
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racter and well calculated to arrest the attention of the philanthropist
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should be neither too tight nor too loose but should
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symptoms referable to the urinary tract even such common
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objectives of the study include an investigation of the kinds and distribution
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It was quite unable to walk in a straight line but continually turned
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tent myself with Dr. Birdsall s a proval of further
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it a suitable medium for their growth by destroying it. The examina
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blood stains on cloth and wood were complete removed by
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loss of consciousness convulsions and then the fever
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advantage with the further statement that in the case of
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the pulse beats like a hammer. For this fever the Eussian jDhysicians resort
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June rain arrives. It ia perfectly ufe to aow aee.t
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Many of the species originally described from the Philippines by
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ments. Retained copy voucher to stock records. See AR
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Individual Beliefs will not drill with rifle or wear uniform 6
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rapidly it was being deserted. Many of the streets were
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animals. An increase in the mononuclear count was also
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your consideration. Accord Hayden s Viburnum Compound a
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femoral vessels. For two and one half months the thrill and bruit
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more prolonged and is apt to lead to bronchopneumonia and death.
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down the middle of the thorax between the two lungs. It serves as
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way these alternatives correspond to the two types of theory
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forceps and a living female child extracted. The patient made a good
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the Xethorne Asylum who had enlisted as a motor cyclist
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serves. To depend upon the results of the blood exami
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ous system out of which both together spring twin like. 1 1
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maculatus there is markedly free from malaria as compared with the
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