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directed to discover the real condition of tho foot and appropriate

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roentgexographic findings in 131 syphilitic patients with

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notably their functional ability. Any sudden exertion even

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Serviceable in female obstructions and hysteric complaints.

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exhibition of specimens or cases ot interest brought to the

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real existence but is only a false impression. At times this force

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W. P. Munn i presents some practical conclusions regarding

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more pertinent inquiry. The details of surgical tech

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connective tissue elements which in itself gives rise to

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only be settled by a fresh study of its structure by modern methods.

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of a woman attacked with puerperal septicemia The risk to one

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Manuel d Anatomie Generale Descriptive et Pathologique 3 tomes

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part muxl be depending. Pus must not be allowed to stagnate and

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an area marked out like the letter M with the two perpendic

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Galen recommended it as a means of fattening people.

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South London Medical Reading Society per Dr. H. Taylor

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to the fact that in at least one borough of England Bolton there

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becomes deficient till at laft all fenforial power ceafes except what

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some definite cause traumatic or otherwise while tuberculosis comes

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evolved a method by which quantitative comparison can

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osseous capsule and the elastic septum to the wall of the anterior

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this apparatus will raise the dead but it will

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velopment are found in small scattered patches at different parts

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of the strumous diathesis. The water also possesses all

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attachments were apparently to the mucous lining of the su

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tonic to the mucous membrane of the urino genital organs thus it

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reactions are subject to variation. This variation and

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is therefore materially interfered with by this slrnctural change.

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with dry and dissolved crusts and yet failed to produce mange. On

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to occur in about i. 5 per cent of pneumonia cases.

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peculiai alertness and watchfulness that is not seen in other

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The different forms of lumbar abscesses are shown in the

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sists of anhydrous molecules in a hydrated medium.

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placement but it is only in some unlucky moment of stooping while engaged

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The superstitious notions engendered by ignorance and credulity during

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dova and Paris for the increased demand for accommoda

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called septicemia. If in the invasion of the bodj by

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home on them. The arrangements arc under the control

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science a well equipped laboratory is essential. He

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Neve jJi calls attention to the risk attending the use of anti

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ne was considerablv easier. The powders were nevertheless

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disease amongst dogs by fleas as proved and that Pulex irritans as well

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flies mosquitos fleas etc. Cresyl fumes almost immediately stupefy

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should represent the profession as a whole and not any

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equality of the pupils no Argyll Robertson pupil. Con

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convulsions or any.symptoms pointing to hereditary syphilis.

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shell and an interior fleshy kernel. It is likewise intensely bitter. The

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of animals without producing any toxic symptoms in the guinea pig a

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tics of anthropology and of eugenics from the United States

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of pus and other organisms. The chest which was long and

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these respects for example there is but little difference

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other arteries plugged. Arachnoid membrane thickened and opaque espe

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book appeared but the pump wells are senerally placed in most extraordinary

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of the digestive organs and during convalescence from febrile and

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returned from the mountains to the plains the daily decrease ceased ou the

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Pare off the yellow rind of the lemon slice the lemon

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bers in certain infectious diseases notably in splenic fever and malig

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Officers serving in tlie Medical Department of the United

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stimulation. A foreign protein was one link only in the

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Carter chionyphe carteri I cannot at this distance of time call to

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times they show a crop of little yellowish fibrinous deposits especially

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A refined and sensitive woman who had digestive dif

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infamous could only be invented by licentiousness but

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the expert in swearing awa a reputation. The ab gt

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connection with the control of Dermacentor venustus the carrier of