dilatation of semi conical form the apex of which is situated opposite the

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The following table compiled by one of us W. W. summarises the

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pain referred pain organic pain functional and habit pains.

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Previous History. In October 1915 she began with a cough

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in the wall of the viscus so called perforative peri

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A refined and sensitive woman who had digestive dif

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is about 2 500 feet. I should include in the medium

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Whereas The objects of the American Medical Association can

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nent fairness and conservative position taken by you in

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presence or absence of Xenopsylla cheopis and other rat fleas together

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of a conaumptive family independently of other causes cannot be

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Wri t should therefore be attended to Clear and smooth on

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cent the pylorus is the site while in 26 per cent of all

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I have attempted to discuss this subject Public Health Nursing

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the same injury that fractured the plate. A soldier was buried

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tion in well fixed specimens minute Gram negative bacteria are abundant along

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fills a most interestmg chapter. Each is discussed in de

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which they do not Jabour under and thus become the daily prey of

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pregnancy are costiyeness and piles. These are produced hy the

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so closely resemble gall stones that it is impossible to dis

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his way amidst darkness and destruction. The high moral prin

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insanitary quarters in the lower end of the post and is now juartered

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There was practically no change in the plasma chlorides during the first

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me or by substantiating the same By communicating with

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pernicious anaemia proper and certain other cases which a few years ago

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quantity of thick saliva continues to nervous troubles the Bromides act

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edge of the cases which the physician has treated. Notes are re

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shakes off the cough which may even last in a modified degree through

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ting and of other antiphlogistic remedies has within a recent

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She lost but one race. Mountain Boy beating her at Point Breeze

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tuting one of the most learned and logical essays in the

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if unsatisfied we proceed to determine the percent

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e. The horse has three metacarpal bones. The large middle meta

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characteristic of the ear lesions of advanced rhinitis

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at Ware on June loth the following officers were elected

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ment and then relaxes his diet is in a worse plight than if

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haematoma was found to have formed about the wound and the sutures had

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its coverings and cause paralysis of the parts below.

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throat are all forms of streptococcus infection closely

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of these children. He agreed also with Mr. Pollock as to

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the left scapular region. There was also a slight injury of

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The salts present in wine must also exercise considerable influence in the

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become and for the great achievement attained we say Go to it

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entered the General Hospital on the 9th of September

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posed. The illustrations are unusually good those illus

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treatment of tuberculosis elsewhere in that it should be primarily

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the afternoon at a convenient time after a meal which however

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f the large and increasing number of cases of al gt

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from the hospital September 6th at which time his wound

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patients in hospitals under the control of the authorities is 700 of

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Sexxiai erethism of the psychical type is usually cured by cold sponging

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cases was probably caused by the inhalation of bacilli from clothing

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strument readily passes through into the muscular layers

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Albuminuria is also of great importance but a high blood pressure is

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advancements in every department of scientific and practical