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heart. On the other hand the effects of an obstructed circulation

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and water or alcohol quickly relieves itching while

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probably the most frequent malformations resulting from the

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were less rapid in coagulating milk. In other words

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As a rule there is at first nc wasting of the paralyzed limbs.

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them we agree. The localisation and morphology of the lesions

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glands in his right groin became swollen and tender that imme

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At the bedside symptoms referable to and explicable

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indigestion and especially by the free and prolonged

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plished during the past twenty years in limiting the

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especially for near work. This constant and continued

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at head quarters he found the general much pleased with

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earth ti.e surface layer of the soiled or damp and fdthy

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demand the repeal of the law compelling doctors to pay

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urgent net d he often felt for complete rest. Like many

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fulmen. Being desirous to assist the Council in its laudable

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the autlior conceived the idea oi apjilying a similar

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acute attacks of disease. They were not intelligent and seldom made

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bic and perineal incision in dealing with these neoplasms

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small peripheral joints and there is no tendency to rapid migration from one

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ataz on the contrary there is no vertigo no sensations like those

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acid placed within the rectum is sometimes efficacious. The injections of

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the Horse and Ass with the Menopon hiseriatum of the Fowl Turkey

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affection and demands careful hygienic as well as medicinal treat

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amomil of bile.ind pancreatic juice enters the stomach

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America some twenty four years ago for which he was

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percentage of cases can be treated by a choleeystotomy.

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States there have been several local epidemics during the

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sider the bacilli to be an accidental coincidence in

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flometimes it complicatea tuberculosis of the intestines and mesenteric

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Delaware State Medical Society Wilmington October 8.

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well as fibrine contributes to cau.se further coagulation more ab

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zation of the hospital. Fifty eight officers were admitted for treat

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should never form a complete investment but be limited to the head

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have been shown in other experiments to dissolve the irritant

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danger of infection through inhalation of desiccated and pulverized

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burst. Halliburton has demonstrated an excess of cholin

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and after uniting the cut ends and restoring the continuity of the

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abnormal. There is usually a history of sluggish healing of

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supply by intestinal bacteria from another case of goitre

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up. In the chronic stage the chief benefit is derived from

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Dr. Halsted exhibited a child a native of the United States

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memory of days gone by. Congratulations on the consolidation of the Bal

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Investigations on the trap breeding of Stegotnyia i.e. the supply

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the litholapaxy position nor could he be operated on

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remarkably well making it perfectly conclusive that there was no fault