pneumonia which often recur repeatedly within a short time without any
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the chest revealed a complete restoration of the af
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spinal cord or even remove them bodily which latter operation by the
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congregated the authorities among whom are either igno
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often proved due to fibroids. Pregnancy could occur iu
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Milk is therefore good and one may add some fine cereals
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leoli. In a recent discussion before the Societe de
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of pneumonia bat the true nature of the pulmonary disease was recog
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istered such as strychnine iron phosphorus and arsenic combined in the
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The association of eye disease with diathetic conditions has been dwelt
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enthusiastic claims which have been made for serum therapy in the
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even in the course of a single examination. The con
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puis sa valeur comme indication analysant ensuite les efTets complexes du bain
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benefit by reading Gay s Principles and Practice of Judging Live
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Tha patients first oompliun of feeling of titillution or in more
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bolic cycle evidence of which is shown by meustruatiou
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condition. The pathologist reported that he was in
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establish a diagnosis. Combining the symptomatology recognized
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sternothyreoid muscles to the thyreoid cartilage the
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Paris thesis to the study of the mild and curable forms of tuberculous
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that the local Association has no official standing and no recogni
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of the corneal wound and a fixative bandage is harmful.
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growth is fatal in its course. Hitherto when in any
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field of radiotherapy were acconi gt lished in rhinosclcr
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Bmear found his own spirocbaetes and immediately gave
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These patients all deserved the utmost expedition in forwarding
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of mercury muriate of ammonium and iodid of potassium
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venting pressure on and paralysis of tlie great vilal medcl
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carbonate. It is soluble both in water and alcohol water dissolving
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stant symptom. In all there was a pulsating tumour at the epigastrium
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dry adherent crust. The right submaxillary gland was slightly
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time required by the drug to act must also be calcu
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GuiNiEU H. Essai de Pathologie et Clinique Medicales conte
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When nerve symptoms predominate neurosis peripheral neuritis
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grave. Eairard justly remarks that Bitches and Cats in which such a
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establishment of a student s library which was a consumma
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could be properly made out only with the finger in the bladder
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grants whose entry is prohibit d ire persons of constitntio lal
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serves to be classed among the neuroses. The symptoms are usually those
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superficial circumscribed masses of tubercle are seen on the mucous mem
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erable oozing of blood. If there is ods of controlling hemorrhage after
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sally accepted. During the last three years however
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In contrast to the frequent instances of acceleration of the
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exact percentage of typhoid fever as a laige proportion
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literally illustrating the very indiscrimination of
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On no point are the evidences of science more convincing
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cavated ulcer is exposed surrounded by an elevated rim from which pro
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its base covered with a purulent pseudomenibrane and the
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as the years 1883 and 1884 when the Klebs Loeffler bacil
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the lowest possible limits consistent with the accomplishment of that
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occurred that pain was the prominent symptom and time was lost in
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papules appearing on the forehead then upon the boch legs arms and
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AKiLYsis OF SOS Cases of Typhoid Fever in Children with
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is sometimes consequent on the internal employment of nitrate of
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period in the cardiac cycle at which the contusion occurs may
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Tomiting is a common feature and with headache and optic neuritis
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occasions bad much to do with outbreaks the mosquito
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is constip In spurious hydrocephalus the pupils are dilated bUb reg
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