transformed into a very deep vesical slit as shown by the deep
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arm muscles are rarely involved. In the legs the movement is most evident
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hospital complaining of pain and numbness in the right upper
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those several provinces of learning now grown so extensive that no
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down the middle of the thorax between the two lungs. It serves as
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seen little by little their field enlarge with the principles of thermo
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still commented upon adversely by surgeons and commanding officers
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for the suitable expansion of the medical service in
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also interfered very seriously with the export of American sheep.
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and periodical retrospects are replete with announcements of novel
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with sulphuretted hydrogen in the front rank of inhalants by
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subsequent examination has demonstrated its purity.
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mation was being disseminated to its readers thus doing a serious
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now very generally condemned are spoken of approvingly
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jotted down. This is then added up and put under the
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and an emergency capacity of 1 397. In September and October 1918 several
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gradual and progressive improvemeat Five grain doses of arsenic given
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F. W. FrankhauserAl jhas used it with success in 22 cases of
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hour before therefore suspecting poisoning I administered a mustard
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becomes attended with all sorts of irregular and anomalous
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with the drug fund and the excessive cost of proscriptions
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mometer has shown the usual evening rise and morning fall of say
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tion antistreptococcic serum is very effective and produces
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shoulders broad hips excessive pectoral and pubic adipose deposits
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of the respiratory muscles to the extent of causing fatal asphyxia.
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very large number of deaths had taken place from diarrhcea and other
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clinical work that this desire for scientific truth
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less constitutional disturbance associated with inflammatory changes about
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carry the membrane onwards or bygetale pressure entirely obliterating
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portant observations of the Plehns Doering and other
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purulent urine. If the bladder ulceration be tuberculous it
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the so called varieties of the disease but strictly speaking are forms
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missioners regarding the alleged prescribing of medical
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diffuse light from the floor gives a soft and satisfactory general
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investigators attempted to study the phenomena underlying the Abderhalden test
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the animal fyftem will be as the quantity of ftimulus and the quantity
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remedies of over shadowing importance in the treatment of
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swers both these requirements and is the simplest of
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It is eliminated in great part nuchuuged by the uriuo but
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are made up on Sunday. Besides this the sick are supplied
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years la.ter Her Majesty Queen ViotoVia confen. ed upon
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by causing destruction of the spermatozoa before they reach an ovule.
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tween mitochondria and discharge of nervous activity. Anat. Rec
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effect on the circulation. The effects of veratrum are due therefore to
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epidermis and the underlying necrotic tissue Ci by ingrowth of regenera
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were obtained. Sixteen of these proved to be typical bovine strains while
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be given with safety and at the same time with efficiency can be
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JJnea Iniemat. Pntassium permanganate is occasionally
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ants as it washes canal out and does not irritate. The germicidal
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n idespread distribution of the iniluenza bacillus in the
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treatment on an extended scale concur in the view that the
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Society of London n Chandos Street Cavendish Square to receive
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when treated with small doses of sulphur e.g. the official
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coagulation would have a similar effect. Hence in the
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when empyema is submitted to timely md adequate operation the
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flagellate appeared to be the same and it was called Trichomonas
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is evident because of the few cases that present themselves especially
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rangement of the cells in the cord is of course quite
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of the second infection were still adherent to the body of
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Case IV. A woman who had once experienced a precipitate labor
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Fischer Max. Statik und Festigkeitslehre Bd I 4 Aufl. Meusser
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times that of the Pliarmacopoeia of 1898 or double that of
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been denounced as an indelicacy which rather more than borders
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discovered a pathognomonic sign of acute adrenal insufficiency in
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provised transport of sick and wounded over long dis
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various diseases. Sodium bicarbonate in vitro tends to
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gating vessels to rid them of rats are sulphur dioxide
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tarj 6 Kensington Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne prefer
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