therapeutical properties of the Ordeal Bean of O l
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Balance on hand July 1 1913 act Mar. 3 1911 36 657. 54
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II in the efforts to guide a catheter into the bladder
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Gabriel by Alarm Brighton Beach Sept 27 1H79 1 59.
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bourne district were treated at the Sussex County Hospital
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WESTERN DISl ENSARY Rochester Row S W. Resident Medical
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a turbid urine with frequent and painful urination.
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nagel. Parenski relates an instance of operation for intestinal stricture
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ptoms of syphilis succumb to the first wind that blows.
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A board of medical officers was convened to meet at the
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Powell Junius L. Captain and Assistant Surgeon Gn nied
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exhaustion loss of blood severe febrile diseases and so on.
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resorted to in 12.7 per cent of the cases caustic lye in
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large number of cases of diphtheria in the contagious
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control. The patient complained considerably of the pain so
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fever and other constitutional symptoms subside. When the feet are
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urer. The stated meetings are held on the third Monday
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not as the casein residue gives only a weak tryptophane reaction. Casein residue
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cocci are referred to as the fibrinous and the cellular types respec
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the value of emetics in the early stage of croup in
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Dr. Joel Pennington 1799 1887 one of the pioneer physicians of
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sure and traction necessary to relieve tbe diseased surfaces and to
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occurring as nearly as possible every month. At the age of four
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joyed a high reputation from the great success which he alleged had
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three times the most recent of which was in Nigeria.
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nance was granted on 15th May 1423 and the surgeons
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Bead before the Section in Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the New York
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A peculiar crystalline sugar obtained from the whey of
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covered were metabolism the source and methods of manufacture of food materials
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jection of morphia combined with atropine should be of the
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added tannic acid or other vegetable astringent and even alcohol.
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dens hard labour or feats of activity. It is rare to
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person to Colonbl C. H. Aldkn assistant sargeon general
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death rate of 10.9 per 1 000 while the Chiuese rates were
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cases Russell Batten Collier take an important place
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that the hand of the operator should carefully examine every part of
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In plain language iu the civilization of the latter half of the
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We may justify the inclusion of economics among the utilitarian
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gating vessels to rid them of rats are sulphur dioxide
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like fried cakes dip the spoon in the lard and dip up your