of formaldehyde in the urine after 8 000 of considerable value in the

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apparatus was furnished by the School Committee. The Medical

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ably an overstatement is readily seen from results in this com

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surgically and leads to the complete relief of the increased tension

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not permanent there is no good reason why we should dispense with an

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careful investigation in each case that we may dis

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kidney scrofulous kidney nephritis of pregnancy and such

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alFociation with other fibrous motions as happens in our reveries or ia

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t.reatment may be continued if necessary for several weeks or long

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even Hippocrates made no attempt to map out or triangulate the

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amounts. In most analyses uric acid has not been found. Bockendahl

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large quantity of gelatinous fluid evacuated and the pedicle which sprung

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in their immediate neighborhood will become indurated. In this way

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Sir A. Mond said he had been aware of the outbreak of typhoid

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out of his library and placed them iu their glass upon the table.

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well known. Sheep bred on diseased places are not nearly so liable to

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General s Library at Washington the great center par excellence for

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A further motion with regard to members of Council and

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new quarters and that the library of the Surgeon General s office

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Massachusetts was a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy

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entirely satisfactory for reasons previousl stated.

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Fifty first Annual Report of the Demilt Dispensary in

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versely destruction of the angular gyrus which is by some regarded as

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seemed at first to have obtained a positive result but in one of

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ic or ganglial class of nerves and that their func

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The clamp usually known consists of a hemispherical

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accomplish the contraction of the vessels then strychnine must

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among well developed athletic persons and hardly 20 per cent exhibited

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free from objection for in the Portsmouth case Lord Eldon spoke

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forced into the rectum by a syringe furnished with a long elastic

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fusion has lieen employed but without success. During convalescence

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the clinician and the laboratory worker. This repu

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sequence of the change so introduced the medical department has

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use this prophylactic quinin daily. The quantity taken is nine grains three

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often numbered twenty in twenty four hours. Upon ex

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to read appreciate or criticise surgical conditions shown

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muscular atrophy with involvement of the face and a hypertroi i y and

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open into one another to form dilatations avhum Zl fin liv

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ulceration with the erosion of the edge extending to complete destruction

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There are several minor symptoms that deserve mention. Nasal dis

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under direction of her advisor will be found to come

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food which the fluids of the stomach cannot penetrate on the other

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should not be oversupplied and the patient still be

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Builiciently strong to withstand energetic pulling. A very good pattern

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toms became progressively worse and on February 11 he was

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earliest physicians to settle in Illinois died at his

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cells which enter their primordia are already present. Although

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tenderness becoming more severe the patient was seen by Dr. Latham

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trated into the tissues they establish themselves there

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of the liver and pain may all be attendants of dysentery with

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appearance of the herpes. Later observations show that

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cortical clonic fit with one doubtful exception on Decem

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scyamus. In percolation the fluid should be allowfed to pass very slowly

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Insect borne diseases prevention and control 256 262

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