muscular rheumatism sometimes to cervical caries. It is sometimes a

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majority of cases occur between the ages of twenty and thirty. In

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expectoration with perhaps a fistulous opening persisting with

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reduced to bare perception of light. When the disease has progressed so

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It is conceivable that arterio sclerosis may cause diabetes by producing changes

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which defy internal treatment and have not been ameliorated

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no trace of the latter being left and also infiltrating the roof

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ducing so wellworn a subject on the programme of this society.

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energy as distinct from muscular strength and to lower one s power of

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last November it was suggested that it would be better to build

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two conditions are often combined but as a rule diffuse encephalitis if

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evidence that the prostate is developed from five distinct sets of

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the preservation and study of one s ego or moi is a sure

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the patient was said to have suffered from previously was

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patients were also in extremis. There were post operative adynamic

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softened ribs are unable to withstand the atmospheric pressure during the

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watched for symptoms of mania developing. Thus in one of Shepherd s

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Public Health Law An Epitome of Law Applicable to England and Wales

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Patients may continue to live with little alteration in their condition

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allowed to enter the intestine. The excreta are formed in such cases from

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which the second or second and third dorsal nerves send sensory fibres.

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the lung or metastatic abscesses in other parts of the body may result.

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rectum and ice by the mouth. For the next few days she

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spinal ganglia especially in the lumbar region. As the result of this the

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reappear later. The duration of these painful attacks varies from a few

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The authors favour the view that the exophthalmos is dependent on excita

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rabies. Certificates are required before a doctor druggist or under

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likely to sustain a fracture by firm lateral compression such

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seldom appears before the fourth month of pregnancy but after that date

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the foot the contraction of the knees and the flexion of the thighs.

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Hendrick said that very often symptoms did not appear until

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I I was a male firstborn and breast fed at first changing

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obtained though in some a history of infection was given. In

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Inflammation. The mesosalpinx is always more or less affected in

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pelvic mischief where both sets of appendages are completely

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home which will be built at a cost of on the lot adjoining