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Ligature of the lingual artery has been advocated both by Demarquay
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larger quantities of fresh pus will not produce such effects.
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It would be desirable to supplement these brief remarks by descrip
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Eclectic remedy not yet used by other classes of practitioners and was
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rem ejus D. Augustum respicit lex Scantinia quae mulctam pecunia
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administration of selenium in a series of twenty four
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thelial cells. In the granulation tissue beneath this thin epi
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abortive attack. The reaction further occurs in the majority of those
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Define cirrhosis. Name an organ that is frequently affected.
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crimination is shown in the choice of germicidal agents must be
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implies consanguinity breeding from. animals of the same blood
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beneath and extended. General anaesthesia should be employed.
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fatal. They almost all die and as a rule within a year.
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longs oftener than the liver and the intestines. The parrot
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