To condense the foregoing into a few words it can be said

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There are two immense pumps lifting a quantity of water sufficient

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Detroit has been more nearly successful than any other

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accompanied by muscular atrophy and sometimes by paresis.

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As six of the animals studied were obtained in Toronto while

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and it is interesting to note that his father Peter had exactly

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cases are conveniently illustrated by the two following

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a pocket of pus is found to lie directly between the

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people. The medical profession is entirely separate and

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The British Medical Association eventually wrote to all these

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Manitoba Government asking for an appropriation for building an addi

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rapidity of action its harmlessness and the facility with which it

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and this immensely increases the difficulties of operation

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into the details of his subject. This is particularly

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we believe he is supported by several other hospital physicians who have

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it. One would expect to find a larger proportion of enlarged

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time tried simple division of the tissues but invariably the jaws

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year in and year out and we are asked to respect such trash

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ters as may be deemed necessary shall be determined by

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human life or human suffering. Eeligion however mis

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each animal with no ventilation. In only three farms

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sylvania as reported in these columns it may be of more general

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lining the crypts the destruction of which may be only

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what he believes to be an easy and prompt mode of effecting the

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up in these subjects and have completed two years of

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brain as the chief though not the exclusive seat of the anatomi

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The cold water treatment is justifiable only in case of the con

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Result. The patient weighs 70 pounds more tnan at the time

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has a finger stall at hand he can immediately protect himself

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majority of cases however it is dosage which is the determining

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unite with the vena azygos. 2 By the anastomosis between the oesoph

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cellent endeavour. His conduct as coroner if it did not always escape

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ft OIci Terebinthinae f j. Yitelli Ovi unius Tinctura Gapsici fjiss. Getacei

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journals to the editor of Chemical Abstracts for several foreign pub

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roops. It will be noted that only four posts showed a decreased

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itor. This expense your committee was not authorized to incur.

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revolt owing to this atmosphere of carelessness or apathy. There is

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olfactory evidence of a most convincing nature. Yet

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uterus which he did liy means of. experiments upon laboratory animals.

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charge to an attendant to prevent a repetition of the excess.

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to be governed like the gastric functions by centres in the

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the branches and trunk which is at first reddish and translucent but

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was attributable to muscular strain or violent mus

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months was scarcely to be noticed. In this case too doubtless

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Galen recommended it as a means of fattening people.

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In this form beads of air are seen in the interlobidar and subpleural

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to secure for Dublin the advantages of a system of compulsory notifica

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action and causes the pulse to become firmer fuller and more regular

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contract and whether this contraction of the ventricle caused by

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IS the best antidote the solution should be given internally and

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have experienced in my own case the salutary influences of religion on

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Will Levington Comfort who wrote The Road ol Living Men and

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