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one drachm of acetic acid. The subjects of his experiments were dogs

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cardiac dulness could be obliterated by the maneuver.

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It is particularly essential that the normal functions of the body

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Cough is one of the earliest symptoms and is present in the majority

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Thorax. Bases of lungs congested and collapsed. A little

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extending along the line of upper molars was seen to be occupied by

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September the lar cst numl er of deaths occurred in October.

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the turtle dove was dry and hot and had a wonderful

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The officer selected for this assignment as liaison officer with the subsecre

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As human beings rapidly pollute the air about them the subject of

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still rapidly. This sudden contraction is due to a reflex irritation

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removed from the roll. The monthly meeting was held on

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abrasions. As the film left on evaporation is unaffected by

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is affected when these three symptoms are present. As the nervous system

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the medicine must be given with care for the least excitement may

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festations of disease are largely compensatory or adaptive i. e.

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Treatment. Keep the animal very quiet bathe well with luke

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the various portions of organs and fissures are derived

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The origins and developmental phases of the occupations institutions and

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Stimulants should also be administered preferable in the form of a

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the intestinal canal. Perhaps one of the most useful purposes to

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simple tapping of cysts of the broad ligament and is

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presence of abnormal acids such as butyric or even acetic in addition to

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as the potass. yet 1 prefer to have it correctly slated.

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Although the general deformity consists in a splaying apart

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remained in the belly one hundred and twenty seven days.

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In plain language iu the civilization of the latter half of the

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distinguishable from that existing in ordinary angina.

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Venetes which purported to be a translation of the work of

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tin ribbon which holds its position at the extremity

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the only adequate remedy venesection without waiting for the manifesta

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Indeed they consider that it would only have been courteous

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reaction followed. Cultures taken from each kidney showed

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play combines the social the muscular and the mental to an exceptional

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pneumonia which often recur repeatedly within a short time without any

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I have recently been interested in studying my cases

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o clock. The anniversary discourse will be delivered by

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There was practically no difference in the mortality during the first

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were only of transient duration and constantly varyiug their seat.

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eral of the State Territory or the District of Columbia.

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this may be combined with the tincture of perchloride of iron and

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large amount of fat around the heart its borders and size cannot be

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I will always cherish all of the memories that we made

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exception of the Gcenurua cerebmlis they are more or less exceptional.

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question of immediate urgency and may well await the acquisition

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The much misunderstood fur seals of Bering Sea Popular Sci

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In Hirsch s Handbook there is a record of sixty seven severe epidemics

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stant fogs and rains has been thought to favour the

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part in protecting the animal and this is made quite clear from

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amount of labor. This histological material and the statistics ac