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general make up leave nothing to be desired and Dr.

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longing eyes toward surgical skill when we say that the surgi

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i gt een v y fortunate to have experienced so few disappoint

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hospital. In addition many soldiers having more or less mild infections were

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trary to the resolution of the Representative Body which

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new so that when it has been suggested the replv has

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only to the fact that its progress assuming one common causal factor is

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cimicifugin using however as small a quantity of water as possible to

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separated as a distinct membrane. On its interior surface forming the

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of bile the splitting up of the neutral fats in the intestine seems

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tunate as to be called to a case in the country in the

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WiLLE C. W. assistant surgeon granted leave of absence for 10 days

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rather than a definitely outlined lumen. A membrane

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are collected into a compact bundle the pyramidal tract occupying the

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marked edema. Practically all the bronchi and bronchioles were filled with a purulent

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to the almost waxen pallor of the face. No improvement

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point of motion being elicited the leg was put in a

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discoveries. He knew that exclusiveness did not comport with

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pathological conditions of the blood the secretions and ex

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irregular the superficial being now and then interchanged

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blistered surface with the medicine to be absorbed was oc

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specific gravity which may be increased bv the pro

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hindrance to inflexion except that of the ribs. In fine

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organs forces the liver wholly within the ribs in the upright

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from tuberculosis merely because his pleurisy lies 10 or

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professional thought and work and chat of men and mat

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entertained. Husband wife or child may be separately and solely

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umbilical region the size of an egg. The child seemed

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But death may take place in the water and yet be caused neither

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prsecox and observes further the stereotyped replies and repetitions or per

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fistula. Magnified 41 times. It is a little smaller than the

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by the patient is equal to that required by the patient

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is followed by diphtheria 2 that a so called experiment based on

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surrounding brain substance by a very vascular zone.

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chlorine although all carry only a single charge. It is

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action on lupous processes more observations however are neces

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observed even when the patient was excited in any way. The general tiealth

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marked off by an oblique narrow band like shadow stretch

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injustice is no doubt frequently perpetrated but that

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Internal Medicine recently held at Bordeaux DU Magny

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moderate breathlessness and increasing the length and steepness

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according as objectively or anamnestically 1 severe gt 2 slighti gt

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obvious. The tubes showing the apparent increase in

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associated with some of the vascular phenomena of migraine glossal spasms

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quently the disease of the naso pharyngeal mucous membrane determin

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patient grew steadily worse and died about nine hours after admit

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primary disease of the organs in which these vessels originate

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dency to make for itself a nidus in the tissues and

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treatment already described should be put in force. If intussuscep