Applications should be sent to Lieutenant Colonel D. A.
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tomatology and not speculative having its commencement
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stages of the disease but the fits return when convalescence is estab
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the apartment of his patient and when he saw any lady enter he
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save except in a rare occasional case which seems in spite of all
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inserted square or mattress suture knotted over a pledget
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sea than on land though from a therapeutic viewpoint
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and military population. At the general meeting the
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August 5 1907. Upon arrival at Manila will report in
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health of the protoplasts. Nevertheless the effects of deleterious
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years until finally an intercurrent affection brings relief
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only 1 case and that in consultation. That was in the
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gums looseness of the teeth fetid breath furred tongue an
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iV grain hypodermically 20 grains tannic acid in water
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compared with horse drawn vehicles. He urged legislation which would
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febrile disease sustaining to the latter a relation anal
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and a rumbling diastolic murmur. Toward the sternum in the sixth space there
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giene preventive medicine sanitation boards of health
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a case occurring in the family of an employee of the
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tion pay 115 guineas or by four equal annual instalments
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The Committee appointed by the Council in pursuance of the
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microbes as the causal agent Eoux The loss of virulence in filtered
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The advertised cures the patent medicines are the rankest fakes and frauds.
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methods of segregation was put into operation 1 The establishment of
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sits down to use the microscope but the focussing of the condenser and
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been obtained by antiseptic medication of the bowel and
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a good deal of soft fecal matter oozed through the opening through
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sized or larger erythematous raised spots of a bright
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cially during pregnancy and lactation they are of large
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somewhat raised in the intervals between the appear
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and iron. The patient improved slowly but steadily under this
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observed in our cases. The tenderness of the epigastrium so prominent a
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Women having passed through confinements often complain of
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everywhere and ihere is contniction nt the beuinning and entStig
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firm and unmistakable talk of the doctor will be still more valuable.
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Caspar Branner of Virginia and his descendants. Privately printed
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constriction by an artificial ring of tense fascia and its
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hypertrophied wall contract readily in warm oxygenated Locke s
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that next the cardia the largest and usually containing
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tattooed with needles dipped in this solution and in
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DIAGNOSIS. The age of the child its neurotic tendencies and the
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headquarters of their respective regiments and report in person to their
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which may be completely disinfected and others who lack this
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tions like a normal tonsil. Extirpation is also recommended
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prostrated and apathetic cyanosis of lips cheeks and finger tips with dyspnea
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Cramps and numbness of the legs and arms acute pain in the
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Research and after the completion of an investigation into
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various theoretical factors fall into three groups i The auto
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breast should be limited to five minutes or even three.
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compared with horse drawn vehicles. He urged legislation which would
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Board etc. are included but the real income from precepts rents
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drops of essence of peppermint or of spirits of red lavender in
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similar power is possessed by microbes as IMacfadyen and I have
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state and municipal boards of health but would advocate that
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cows this incontinence of urine has been produced by the retention
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toria and climates could do little to eradicate the dis
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either event proliferation of the transplanted cell is obstructed not
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state of things which should be remedied as soon as pos
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