so that after several years standing no acute repro

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director division of laboratories reported that two motorized laboratories

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ventral end of the median spinal fifth tract and turn spinalward

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increased quantity of urine. It was by thia means that we

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they are frequently not recognized then clearly the administration

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reserving it however especially to those instances where the swelling

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gray anterior horns chronic atrophic spinal paralysis and subacute spin

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formation of the Romance languages subjects which Diez had

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taste but as this addition might be injurious in some cases it may

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Ocular blastomycosis is caused by Cryptoccccus dermatitis

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deciding said that thecase was one of very great interest. The evidence

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necessarily had the same position in life as in the cadaver. The

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Brahms and Wagner that we have grown completely accus

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the anesthetist specialist surgeon dentist research worker

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cause deformity from the continued necessity for occupy

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they might exert some influence on the disease prevalence

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Africa during the discussion upon the papers of Drs.

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gestion a fact that confirms the infiammatory nature of the

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accordance with the location of the growth as defined

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monitory signs such as oedema in various parte of the body restlessness

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cement. At the level of the ground there should be a

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affections are invariably the result of neglect of treatment of the primary

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thoroughly blindfolded and as you lay some stress upon this I would

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procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and the fluid

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be complicated with idiocy partial deafness deaf mutism poly

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without loss of time to arterialize the venous blood by imi

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avoid soldiers being dischaiged vho have not receiA ed a complete examination any

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occiput are suggestive of a subtentorial lesion although too much faith

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EHGIHEERIWS DBSICW SBGTIOK Rsspcssible for Matters pertaining to

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farmers within easy distance and there is a fair practice

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application in each case to the alcalde. Frequently also the door

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posterior association centre. Whether tliese views be true and if so in how

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bulging then incision of the drum must be seriously considered.

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any suspicion of alcohol and syphilis the parents were strictly

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ous with similar tumor tissue in the external condyle. The

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offer a satisfactory solution of this problem though the following

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H flies vaccination was accused of making people bald headed short

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neural tube it is evident that the rudimentary anlage

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Dr. Kemp has satisfactorily proved that hydrophobia is seMom if ever caused in

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gress of an abdominal aneurysm of large size and easily verified

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is so apt to recur and almost without fail to aggra

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soft tissue partially healed and distorted for corrective plastic operations.

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in size and condition. These bodies are known as the

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areas are Southern Italy and Sicily where it is very

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that it will end in complete amaurosis. Seeing however that the symptoms

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Seller s may be employed. When rhinitis and I have obtained very

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science a well equipped laboratory is essential. He

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phatic glands so called gangrenous cUpJUherUis. The three

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observations on tbe weatber and diseases in 1758 60.

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he has only a superficial knowledge whose familiarity with a given

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is certain in the future to bear fruit. The more attention is

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curative. Nevertheless its use is justified because it helps

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onistic to these sweat moderating fibres. The subject

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lilt Klehs Loi lllcr hacilhis. It is pcrliaps a more suitable designation than

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into anv elaborate disciussion of electrolytic theory nor to dLscuss in

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capillary pressure is dependent on some other factor or fac

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groups a the occasional offenders and 6 the confirmed alco

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Like salvation it is available to all who fulfill the

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tendency to recurrence. Special care has been given to the protection

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Of the opsonin method as a guide to diagnosis and treat

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be found. Finally when the oozing of blood has been checked by

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treat diarrhoea scarlet fever measles small pox syphilis