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various parts of the county both in money and in kind

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centuries before the Christian era. The old Greek and Eoman physicians

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of six chronic typhoid carriers. One a urinary carrier was cured by

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its geographical limits. These exempted areas were schools regulating sta

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greater constitutional disturbances resulting from the affection of

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munication between the ventricles by rupture of the endocardium might easily

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pect of Primary Spastic Paraplegia with Atrophy of Both Optic

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III. The flimulus of bodies external to the moving organ is the

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I trust no reader will attempt to live on common allowance

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liospital trains to the wards or ships is a revelation to

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present its naked eye appearances cannot be considered as in any way

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move but the muscles will not obey his will and in his endeavors

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Hemiplegia. Taylor defines the different varieties of

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old suff ering from croup. Also in cases of infantile pneumonia.

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only Lord Crewe referred to the impulse given by him

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be 3 000 sections instead of 1 000 as in the previous instance.

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unnecessary. His subordinates are graded and rewarded propor

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way these alternatives correspond to the two types of theory

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Enteric fever has already broken out In France and it is

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moderate degree of chronic hypopituitarism. Observation gt k

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In tinea kerion the hairs are extracted and a mild parasiticide applied

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Spontaneous Disappearance of Senile Cataract. This question

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liberating formaldehyde and hence is used in doses of 5 15

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come that it is wrong to take advantage of the weak in

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nearly natural to tlif feel the uterus well contracted. Prescribed vene

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ambulance is utterly done with in that period. On the

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was found in the solar plexus etc. and there were no changes

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autroment je demanderois pourquoi Caligula Neron Doini

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no motion in the right shoulder joint and but little

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diathermy and the facts that the opei ation is speedy that

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in this class are the neutral fats the lipoids and the cholesterin

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epiataxis aod occasional rigors in the morning hja cheeka were very

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In the former experiments of Dr. Ferrier not one animal escaped intra

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as too much drink disturbs the stomach and bowels and favours mercurial

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leucorrhceal discharges which find their way to the

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become acquainted with the various branches of the subject. The

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be needed and the external opening must be kept dilated. Spontaneous

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penses the public health problems would be readily solved.

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it has steadfastly adhered and which now form the groundwork of the

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coming an unsatisfactory service and unworthy of the

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Discussion. This case is remarkable first having been observed

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Code of Ethics of this Association by which many in the

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than 15 extrauterine children saved and of these 15 four were

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Castor oil is inferior to linseed oil for horses as a simple

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Deaver and to a large extent seems to d il with the two

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laryngitis or bronchitis in the first stage then the addition of citrate

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headache has not been resent in any case. If the injection be

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the spleen and liver further in the cases where the tubercular