the total number of applicants physically examined was 101 432 and

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ablest men of science and administrators were directed

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What is the mean velocity of the stars what the frequency of a

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epithelial debris and invades the superior maxilla. We have collected

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and ultimately involve the nerve ends in an irregular and painful

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iting with severe pain in the abdomen and lower limbs.

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of hysteria. The symptoms of which she spoke to me and the

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mals. The blood of the rat about ten days after infection with

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The remaining part of the reservoir is filled with sand into which the

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out of the hospital. Wliat is known as dynamic pulsation

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the sternum. The needle connected with a vacuum already

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determined by experiments such as have been suggested. When the

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described by Heubner in the arteries especially those of the

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The discouraging features are that the States having

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nary ethyl alcohol are more toxic origin or produced synthetically in a

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Weir Mitchell collected 18 cases of protracted sleep the longest continu

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bronchial tubes which became gorged with mucus through

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until coaptation of the flaps has been established and the sinus

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first and foremost contributor to experimental physiology before

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has reached the shoulders elbows and knuckles and at times is exceedingly

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to the degree of its diateneion and that in some varieties of opacid

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work be it remembered is still used as a text book in

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placenta that its permeability must vary in different species with the thick

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March or April induce them to throw off their winter gar

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diagnosis of fat heart from absolute negations of its possibility in any

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Charles Norman Cross has been made Assistant Professor. As chief

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anaemia is never seen occurring in an organism which is en

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fifteen minutes after the insertion of the virus there

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impossible to approach perfection. Do not however take our

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to be last resorts and they do not fulfil as completely

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Schools in Indiana in 1850 the figures might be safely quadrupled for

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uterus which he did liy means of. experiments upon laboratory animals.

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posterior to the twelfth rib. Consists of loin legs and flank.

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netic series likewise possessed simple conical teeth. The

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Association coincided in all essential particulars mulatis

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said fee it shall be the duty of the board to issue a

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and introduce a fragment of green sulphate of iron a dark green

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tions especially those tied with animal ligatures in

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in an extreme condition of emaciation. Post mortem showed

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large quantity of gelatinous fluid evacuated and the pedicle which sprung

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tical anatomy. He had written to the secretaries of

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CHAIRMAN PROFESSOR JAMES P. McMrrRRicH University of Michigan.

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ue pain is better the Quantity of the drug is diminished. Nothing efiects

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extra comforts in the wards letter writing for patients and searching work.

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hope and often realisation of his recovery. If the patient is beyond the

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than the blood. Here they hold that they have evidence

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normal perhaps a necessary source of food. Verjbitski states that

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way we can open the capillaries and stimulate the heart the condition is

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The water is then tested for peptone which means that the