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on one side and Notification of Suspension on the other. Same

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without you. I could always count on your being a phone call away.

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The abdomen was markedly distended and tender and rigid over the

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cedure. In regard to cystomata it is important that

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The experiments of Warthin and Weller 12 Lynch Smith and Marshall 8

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Fantus. Bernard A table giving some of the official Latin names in

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importance for although the colonies resemble those upon ordinary agar

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ments in which Wundt sees the foundation of language and Lipps

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County has met with great success. The doctors have been very coopera

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seeds drying the powder at a temperature of 212 and then depriving

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removed from the roll. The monthly meeting was held on

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that the pericardium was much distended. It contained how

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lowing the severance of vessels in the abdominal cavity perhaps

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chloride may be used. A list of fourteen cases treated by Moore s

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members are giving not only their time and energy and

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last decade for which the information is available in detail

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This volume we consider a serviceable edition to Wood s Library

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and scarcely discoveral le. No microscopical exami

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ineeting to be held in the near future and to be ad

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crash came and the College of Physicians and Surgeons suHereil.Hke

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trices so situated as to exercise pressure on a nerve should be dissected

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over the compressed lung here it is exaggerated as long as the bronchi

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develop evidences of increased intracranial pressure

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tube has been introduced by the Medical Supply Association

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rhage is less. Both are local diseases but the rule 10

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authorities of the country or army to which they belong the

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Printed by Taylor and Francis Eecl Lion Court. Fleet Street.

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fluid twice its volume of rectified spirit at a temperature of 35 0.

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second instance occurred in a man 21 years of age and showed

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for a duodenal ulcer. The symptoms recommenced after the operation and

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At the age of three weeks the child sufi ered a complete closure

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skin cross each other obliquely thus leaving small openings through

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relished fur its own sake and not for the gambler s gains. The

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more stimulating the effect. Affusion as thus practised by Dr. Currie

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possible to bring down the blood urea to norma by cutting off

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bungle page 1 and It is becoming so universal for ophthalmic

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and of the mucous membranes to the Treponema pallidum present

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ively cultivated in various parts of Europe it belongs to the Na

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sorbitants for therapeutic measures and after placing in slings

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respiration hurried the face pale and the pupils enormously dilated.

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days to serious symptoms of poisoning the most noticeable of

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ordinary candidates for registration. In all other Con