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orderliness of tho volume. Diseases of the larynx for

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instances a great increase in the mucin has been found.

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many of them insist that the quinine is often the active agent in

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chance of checking the course of already existing arthritis. The use of

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removal from public places the home or the institution and thus

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bear it I often diminish excessive secretion from the lungs by strong

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the part of the individual to the invasion of bacilli

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resections of the ribs until it includes all bone sections except

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decimo aetatis anno ad pubertateni usque invadit primo se prodit claudicatione

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Children London Commissioner in Lunacy 188993 Physician to the

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moral of the men continues to be admirable and their

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life he made only twp or three attempts at intercourse.

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the scholarly observer of terata mentions a child of forty two months and

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the commercial line the College could not afford to throw away a

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fications of the bronchial tree. Pleuropericardial and diaphragmatic

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KoHLEE Eeinbold. Die Krebs und Scheinkrebs Krankbeiten des

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other hand a cicatrix or an atrophied portion will bulge outwards. In

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but on the following day when the inflammation had subsided sufficiently a

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operations upon the lungs. In 7 cases of tuberculous cavities in which an

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wonderful social efficiency of that many times amalgamated people.

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of alcoholism showing a combination of stiffness and ataxia. Somnolence

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bearings and present a report to the governing body in

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cuss the two technical ponts of suture and drainage

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Thb Supervisors have been carefully looking over the Oily and

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the redness cannot acquire as great an intensity as in the re

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attack inhabitants on the shady side of the street and totally

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throat should be gargled frequently with a solution of sodium

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the fact that its action is that of thermal energy instead

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edness to Dr. Norman Moore both for his writings and for

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sists. If as a result of local irritation heredity or

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fined hemisphere of apple green fluorescence without bluish

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for solanin so the treatment is symptomatic. For the headache

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by ten magnitudes. By this method the range of the photometer

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spring of 1881 so that all summer he was confined to

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varied colouring matters and a posthumous work edited

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millimetres without a trace of the sulci or convolutions. The basal ganglia

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these patients laboured under hypertrophy with increased action of the heart

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The author has studied these conditions in fifteen of the so called

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authority which is not likely to decide for days the

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add. Jloppc Seyter deserves the credit of having disproved the en

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mented on there is certainly no wanton or unnecessary

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batlis 125. Galvanism to wasting muscles. Localized Faradization not

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liable lo pay for the doctor called in. If however the

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he slipped on the icy sidewalk and in attempting to save himself

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THERAPEUTICAL USES. Arseniate of iron is a useful and active

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years no previous sickness. He had progressed w li up to the

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able step toward the solution of the vexed question and

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SYMPTOMS. Of a sub acute character. Very diversified allied to