milk. But milk can be mixed with the prepared decoctions with benefit.

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tenement poor. The work among this class comprised 682 cases

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ia most effectually accomplished without fever but very

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patient will begin to gain in weight but if this increases too rapidly

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he preferred to name his plant for Blanco rather than to transfer the

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The pulse could not be felt at this time. The respiration

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mann at 9 Winter at 7 or 7.30 and Martin at 6.30 and

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Reply. 1 No. The better posted physicians hold that the scales do

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is due to lack of suitable complement in human blood for the specific

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ment of voluntarily vomiting what they swallow. Appearances of in

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tion from five to thirty years. The paralysis is usually proportionate to the

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tion is usually devoid of symptoms. In some instances

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the coloration to be hydrogen peroxide the explanation of the mechanism

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a toxin in the filtrate from a gonococcus culture. This

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College the diploma of Fellow was granted to him on

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and we could generally do it better without stimulants

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fepoaterior cerebral three of the inferior cerebellar and two of the

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rhagin. These are injected hypodermically or intravenously and are

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tiple capillary thrombi. The author concluded by suggesting that

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innominate artery may by its position either have directly obstructed these

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which effect such great changes in organic and inorganic

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possible what many had hoped for. In her presence I will

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restlessness is the first manifestation of mental disturbance but this

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February 24. Temperature rose to 39 C when sudden pain

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in length extending from the stomach to the caecum. The small

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its clinical history is necessarily still incomplete.

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Mr. Crawford s bona fides in the matter. The plaintiff was now before

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expire deepl or to make him say ah or eh. In little

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similar deposit size of a pea other viscera present no unusual appearance

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tritude confumeth contracleth and purgeth vlcers Seek

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matous degeneration is found occasionally in the liver cells it

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territory but when and where those animals became infected

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The combined operation for flatfoot now described for

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Grammar. Proficiency is particularly desired in the following subjects classification

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simple so far as their ability to meet the smallest medical

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apply this therapeutic principle to hay fever and as

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through Cleido s ligament the diagnosis may at times present more

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the proof of cure. It would be desirable could we in all

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ma giue contentatio to al mcn ano mueb moje to tbe Scfc

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Treatment This fever always runs a definite course and ita treatment

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intracerebral injections of antitetanic serum in 289

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some trouble in passing his urine which flowed in a

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grafting together hydras of different species grisea and fusca. In

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charge of a small amount of reddish sero sanguioolent

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form with which he saturates the patient using also

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intestinal Canal in Man v ith special reference to the Variations in their

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The average values given at the bottom of each column show

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rooms were wired for electricity with numerous ceihng and side lights and

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tients. But even these were too frequently innocent

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altereri and this would account for the colossal glia proliferation.

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awnless or with flne terminal awns Anally somewhat indurated the

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for the eradication of the disease. Sheep grazing as a means of tick

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appeared to have serious pulmonary involvement from the start while others

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Marine Hospital Changes. Official List of Changes of Station.

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presided and after hearing a statement from Mr. Ilartof the progress of

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showed patches of atheroma. Connective tissue dipped down from the

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to arouse women to become physically equal to the op

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appears to be due to some evident cause a.s the frequent

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Boston Brown Baked. Take 4 cupfuls of Indian meal and 4 cupfvds

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would be stained a rose color by the eosin. When ex

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take place as a cousequence of tho work of the Confer

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an injection. The dyspnea ceased immediately and it was not