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I know of one or two men to day occupying important
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Mr. Harris called attention to a letter from Dr. Bazett
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long sharply defined narrow tubes which fork or branch
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to the erect posture of man that overtaxes the peritoneal
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for suspending wet or damp clothing being sufficient for the purpose.
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tained by the treatment in nine days of drug giving
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nitrogen were added to the diet. Less than one gram of extra
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began later in the sixth month in both instances. I shall
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work written on the subject but have referred only to
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septicaemic patients died on the average two days after operation while
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desire to impress their own disapproval of coitus interruptus is
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still rapidly. This sudden contraction is due to a reflex irritation
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pert of Shrevesport La. were elected to membership.
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leading a confined life should receive regular exercise.
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liminary test a monkey showed no evidence of infection and
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The second case was one of hypophyseal tumour infiltrating the bone
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pathological clerk in the clinical laboratory. Special