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The heart and ungs showed no abnormality. The abdomen

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itmenl should be conservative at first and only in case of

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canals and seasickness. The anatomical section is very thoroughly

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Royal Infirmary and thereafter travelling he studied in

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children melaena neonatorum is fortunately rare but it is comparatively

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rapidly subsiding. Seventy per cent of the cases were completely

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Within the past three years three cases of acromegaly have

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The second position that blood relations should not intermarry can

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epithelium impregnated with oxide of iron. This ring may remain behind

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ulcer. In this tumour was found with the microscope. The

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wholly excreted in the urine. The blood in such cases shows a high

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junction and a triangular leash of vessels having its apex at the affected

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streptococcic variety and is of interest in that connexion. We have

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When a diagnosis of tuberculosis of the bladder has been

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destroyed portion of bone has taken place. Hence delayed in

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and physicians so thai here shall be no need for them to be

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grantis license to him to build ane piece of ane stone wall betwixt

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Many authors think it is important in the very severe forms of the

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matters members were willing and prepared to modify the

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inflammations arising and abscesses forming in the appendicula

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fissure. A false pterygium however may be met with in other positions.

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experimental lesions of the nervous system diabetes may be produced as for

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moderately thick layer of antiseptic wool is put on over this and retained

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In cases in which the hemorrhage has occurred on the surface of the

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ment of others. He states also that the degree of delicacy skill

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Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis and the

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small town districts. In the principal towns the rate

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seriousness of her condition the uterus was emptied by

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over it. The resulting lesions are more widespread and deeper than

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than sulphate of magnesia in small and daily doses. These indications of

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sixteen months ago when he was examined on proposing to

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subacute form of suppurative choroiditis and certain intraocular growths

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sugar formation in others a diminislied sugar destruction. Bunge has given good

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volumes that a choice or preference of one or other would be

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Boyce has reported two cases of myxcedema each of which

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however of very exceptional occurrence in marked contrast with what

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other at the fifth month. Hirsch in five cases states that in one

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thus indistinguishable from the variety ah eady descril gt ed have a local

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Acute poUo encephalitis haemorrhagica superior appears to be more

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removed and inflammatory symptoms combated by sedative and antiseptic

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symptoms significant of this organism s more intimate and potent influence upon