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Winterbottom bought a common fowl for two beads of the kind

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Thomas A. R. passed assistant surgeon relieved from duty at ilas

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With special reference to the subject of tuberculosis medical officers in

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being removed from the mouth and nostrils. The membranes of the

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instrument is seldom employed it is subject to a wide range

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oxidation or to a combination of both acting together.

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the effect of different degrees of heat on the toxicity

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presented at 16. Of this nerve 1 marks the neurikuina or sheath.

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seventy who had suffered from constipation for many years. Sixteen years

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septicaemia was applied by John I raser to a group of

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uninterrupted development in this direction is assured.

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reason to hope for the most benefit from such a pro

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while the people were idolators. Though they taught

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this situation unilateral anosmia is of value for the topical diagnosis of

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removal by medical treatment is not to be excluded. The pros

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lesions that is endarteritis differ in various ways from those which rule

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the lower third of the right femur was found to be broken

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in a more healthful and receptive condition. Moderate regular

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the soluble coating as applied presenting at once a form of medicine

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fifteen months old all nursing children. The oldest case to recover was

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exercise taken is to supply the bodily needs of the

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ding sauces salad dressings croutons. Cookbooks are valuable aids

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The Committee on Medical Education respectfully report

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special action by the board of health for the associates of the

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stones indicates operation in the absence of other fac

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the Hodgkins Prize of 1 500 for the best treatise On

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sometimes exists cannot be disputed. It is as certain that it can seldom

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Mr. Elder reported that in Swaziland a native territory up to four

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nephritis becomes chronic there is a continuation of the relation

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would soon terminate safely. Instead of that she became worse the pain did

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It is not best to attempt to excise the ulcer as the

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weekly cost of hospital maintenance and when they also

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This form of electrical treatment has perhaps suffered from too

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panied by superficial tenderness. It is particularly prone to all those

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more quickly than a lotion of sulphurous acid. Some prefer the hypo

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death. These explanations are largely hypothetical and not altogether satis

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capacitated by these diseases for duty some control has appar

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tion for even on the eighth day the perception of finer impressions

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now under the operations of General Order 17 bimonthly physical

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upon the rabbit s ears were particularly noteworthy in this case.