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while the people were idolators. Though they taught
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ing unto their longitudes which are not exactly discovered
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Tke Ano Rectal Line Its Clinical Significance.. By Col
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part the condition is probably simply due to an accumulation of milk
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inserted square or mattress suture knotted over a pledget
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messe and Widal so far as they could be studied in cultures
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agreement with the committees controlling the Mutter
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After a period of stertor and coma he gradually became conscious paresis
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the difference in her condition upon admission and departure was very
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the days before the X ray. Our house officer of to day must
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stomach and which never subsided was evidently owing
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doubt. Imported and taxable alcohols for beverages average
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II. Arsenic poisoning. Those who work at arsenic ore
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formed on 28 occasions three patients being transfused twice and one
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full and are treated in a manner which will sustain
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of insanity are due to so called moral causes emotional strain
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tbe pupils and a disturbance of vision within three minutes after its
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onlv produces physical symptoms when the ureter becomes
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The frequency of gastro intestinal symptoms in disturbances of the
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block. Naturally the clinical effect of cardiac syphilis
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of the cakes on the ordinary iron instrument which requires
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The two parts of the energy should then be expressed as a function
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in a manner which would not have been possible if he had
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blown about by the winds or sealed within the iron hills it does
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the train of disastrous events has seemed to be fired by the
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virulence no matter how virulent the cocci were at their first
coraco brachialis tendon. In fifteen patients I have per
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the pelvic epithelium and the presence of leucocytes and papillary
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ter of the diet. Answers to these questions the author desires should be
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incision. If the urethra can be sufficiently dilated to admit
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buried the body as a still birth. Hearing rumours afterwards that there
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has been thought best to store the product in the dark.
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expansive explosive effects of high velocity missiles first api ear
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Reports from these officers which were received from time to time during 1916
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is also clear of such hindrances and Dr. Smoothtongue works
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as Balili. Rice straw and corn are to a certain extent employed for
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of life worn out with difeafcs and hafting with fwift
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The surgical discussion on the medical treatment of surgical
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question of the medical man getting it promptly. It is
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painful appliances the forces and nutritive juices indispensable to the
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period his practice rapidly increased so that in some
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or progressive hoarsf ness with stenosis full and repeated doses of diphtheria
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tuberculosis. Kissing must be altogether prohibited and not
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fairs travelling etc. In infected hogs the injection of serum results
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The first of these patients a nine year old gelding entered on the
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to tuberculin out of 10 000 animals tested at the request of the
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effort only comparable to the pangs of labor the hardened fieces are
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The solitary follicles of the palatine arches and of the uvula
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by it must be a resultant of these properties as the phenomena
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immediate effect of intravenous injections was an increase in the
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infective diseases. It must suffice to specify typhus fever relapsing
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of the light mineral oil are compensated for by mixing
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cramps clubbed nails etc. the same as those of stenosis of the
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not be measured but only these which are seen to be of normal
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I otts to the integrity of the ears. I have tried to
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the cannula aga nst the anterior wall of the trachea in
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tain knowledge on any topic for it demands training and experience
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ago and the convalescence of the patient has been most satisfactory in
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swallowed down by the toad which cannot consist with
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to an idiopathic disease characterized by the gradual
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Fast Flux Test Facility which the chairman has been discussing
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caninila. The pcriton.Tum may usually be closed with
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as 1876 regarded the Pacchionian granulations as the sole channels by
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Journal 0 the lioual United tiercice Institution November 1907.
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made with great certainty if the urine which has previously been puru
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disturbance first described by Blocq a pupil of Charcot in 1888 differing
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otherwise negative. Besides the usual infections of childhood the patient
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flrufture has been acquired by the bee the moth and the humming
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and with rare exceptions object also to European medical treatment
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Interrupted sutures were taken over a hammer of the proper size.
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carboxyl groups can play the part of both phenol and acid. Thus when