South always rises rather abruptly in midsummer ac

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from intestinal disturbances. Ninety per cent of these were

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perfection that we see for instance in the horse the rabbit and


and the yellowish colour of the conjunctiva are all significant. In

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quite free from unpleasant sensations and when I induced him to

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a considerable number of patients particularly those

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tailed Statements and on the Descriptive Lists. The latter will show

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entitled Fluorescent Particle Atmospheric Tracer Toxicity Hazard 195

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Tendon jerks. These are absent in the lower limbs at the onset and

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which arises from the larger bile ducts. Histologi

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This question the man of science as sociologist or historian does not

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have very often noticed that when clergymen for any cause

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of tattooing as a means of identification of pets three

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now syphilis the fact remains that a most powerful impression was made

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thalmic goitre particularly liable to occur at the time of the

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tive tone met with in less pretentious books. To anyone devoting

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Physical Examination. The appearance of this patient is

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the Circulation of the Blood and on the V ascular Tonus.

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or sound which shows the size of the opening and the

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fibers which mingled with the longitudinal and circular fibers

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vigorous as when I first knew him twenty or more years ago.

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frequently vomiting. In a reaction of unusual severity

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I should call the affection then a diffuse interstitial keratitis sluggish in

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was performed. There was an increased amount of urine

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This book is made up largely of extracts from the opinions of various

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per cent of butter fat is rarely found and the average is probably

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bureau in any other department nothing but a special departm it

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Then there was that other great event with which his name

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washhouses without any trouble arising from their glasses

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are delivered on comparative anatomy by the Conservator Professor

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symptoms. The history of the case perhaps of injury the characters

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of mucous membranes is a cpiestion which has not been studied Avith an

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ing membrane and thus become free. It occurs in any decomposing

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in completing the transfers. The distances of advanced points from

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Oxygen and normal salt solution were given but he died at

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cells is admitted by Ribbert as beini f lvnrable to the

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The irregularity of the distribution is opposed to nature and

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found much thickened. A segment of the wall placed in warm

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ways present in all of the waters from the merest trace

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Indiana for the nse and benefit of Indiana University School of Medicine

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Wintl wbose defect prevented them obtaiuiug employaicnt

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tion a young girl was examined several days in succession

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of the pulmonary peripheries of the vagi the latter effect to an

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lums. While acknowledging the advantages in certain cases

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For sake of convenience of description we may divide the causes of

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frequency of the pulse decreases at the same time with the

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Lottery and Brutandorf out of Mandane at twenty and twenty one

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to be excluded. This however has little value from a functional point of

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and other instruments the diagnosis and treatment of

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air ever got into these fetid sleeping chambers the curtains

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dressing of those maimed yet gallant victims gathered

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fied in saying that all headaches of an intractable

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frostbites in young persons it is advisable to await the line

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of the muscular system. The late Dr. Marshall Hall as perhaps is well

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ing foci of infection. I have seen a systolic pressure rise twenty points

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recurred on August 4tli 5tb 101b 15tli and 24th 25tb.

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